How to build a website like 99designs?


Building a Website Like 99designs

Building a website like 99designs involves a few key steps, which include planning the site structure, designing an intuitive UI and UX, coding and implementing the core functionality, setting up the necessary back-end infrastructure, and integrating key features such as contests, payments, user accounts, and project management.

1. Developing a Project Blueprint

First, it’s vital to define the site’s architecture, create a detailed feature list, and draw up a project blueprint. This includes determining your business model, target audience, and competitor analysis.

2. Designing the UI/UX

The design should be clean, creative, and easy-to-use to attract a community of designers. The UX should facilitate an easy design submission process, rating system, and a seamless customer-designer interaction.

3. Coding and Core Functionality

Next, the actual coding and creation of the site begins. This includes implementing the logic for contests, payments, FAQs, blog feature, designer portfolios, and a messaging system. Your choice of technology stack will depend on your specific requirements.

4. Back-end Development

The back-end of your site handles the ‘behind-the-scenes’ functionality. This includes databases, servers, applications, and systems that manage user authentication, data management, file storage, and more.

5. Integration

Lastly, you will need to integrate third-party services for payment processing, email notifications, and more.

How Synapse Team Can Help You?

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