How to bring your offshore software development inhouse?


Bringing Offshore Software Development In-House: A Step-By-Step Guide

Transitioning from offshore software development to an in-house team can be a complex process, but it is definitely achievable. If you have been relying on offshore software development and want to start building your in-house team, here’s how you can go about it:

1. Evaluate Your Current Situation

  • Carry out a thorough analysis of your current activities that the offshore team manages.
  • List the specific skill sets that are involved.
  • Identify the tasks that are critical and those that offer little value.
  • By doing this evaluation, you can identify what capabilities you will need in your in-house team.

    2. Develop a Plan

  • Based on your evaluation, strategically plan on how you will transition the roles from the offshore team to the in-house team without disrupting ongoing tasks.
  • The plan should include timelines, costs, and potential risks.
  • 3. Hiring the Right Talent

  • Get the right people on board who possess the required skills and knowledge.
  • Ensure they understand your company culture and values.
  • 4. Knowledge Transfer

  • Arrange a phased knowledge transfer from the offshore team to your new in-house team.
  • The offshore team should document important processes for reference.
  • 5. Test The System

  • Start by assigning simple tasks to the in-house team.
  • Slowly increase their responsibilities as they become comfortable with their roles.
  • 6. Complete Transition

  • End the contract with your offshore development team once your in-house team is fully operational.
  • Need Assistance With Transition?

    Transitioning from an offshore team to an in-house team can be complicated and intimidating. It’s not something that happens overnight. That’s why at the Synapse Team, we offer custom software development services, web development services, back-end development services, front-end web development services, and full stack development services to support you during this transition period.Our team of experts will ensure your business operates smoothly while your in-house team is being developed.
    Once the transition process has been completed, the Synapse Team can continue to provide support as needed.


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