How offshore software development works?


Understanding Offshore Software Development

At the most basic level, offshore software development involves a company contracting out its software development tasks to an external team located in a foreign country. This external team, also known as the offshore team, works on the project from their location, communicating with the main company’s team through various digital communication methods.

Key Stages of the Offshore Software Development Process

The offshore software development works in several key stages:1. Requirement Analysis: The first step is understanding the client’s requirements and defining the project scope, features, and timelines.
2. Team Formation: Next, the offshore team is assembled based on the skills required for the project.
3. Design and Development: The offshore team then carries out the design and coding tasks.
4. Testing and QA: The software is tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the desired standard of quality.
5. Implementation and Deployment: The finished software gets deployed and implemented.
6. Maintenance: Post-deployment, the offshore team continues to offer support for maintenance and updates.

Why Choose Synapse Team for Offshore Software Development

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