How many full stack development methodology available?


Full Stack Development Methodologies

Full stack development can involve various methodologies, but primarily the development methods remain the same across different platforms. It’s essential to understand that full stack development is less about sticking to a specific method and more about having knowledge across all layers of web development—from front-end to back-end technologies.However, these are some of the primarily used methodologies in full stack development:

  • Agile Development: This is a popular methodology used in full stack development. It emphasizes collaboration, customer feedback, and small, rapid releases. The ultimate aim of Agile is to deliver quality software regularly and continuously.
  • Scrum: Scrum is a specific type of Agile development. In this methodology, development is divided into sprints, each of which results in a potentially deliverable product increment.
  • DevOps: In the DevOps methodology, the development and operations teams collaborate closely, sharing responsibilities and combining their workflows. This leads to increased productivity and faster delivery of features.
  • Waterfall Model: This is a linear sequential life cycle model where progress flows downwards like a waterfall. It was the first process model to be introduced and is predominantly used for small projects.
  • Lean Development: Inspired by the principles of lean manufacturing, this method focuses on the creation of value for the end customer and the elimination of wasteful resources.

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