How does turnitin detect chatgpt?


Turnitin and ChatGPT Detection

Turnitin primarily functions as an academic integrity tool designed to detect instances of plagiarism by checking submitted documents against its database which includes academic journals, websites, books, and other students’ work. It’s important to note that Turnitin does not directly detect or specialize in the detection of content generated by AI systems like ChatGPT. So, how does Turnitin come into play when it comes to AI-generated writing?

Overlapping Content

  • Turnitin works based on a similarity index. If the AI program produces content that is similar or identical to existing material indexed in Turnitin’s database, it can highlight this in the similarity report. In this case, it’s not that Turnitin is “detecting ChatGPT”, rather, it is detecting overlapping content.
  • Uniform Writing Style

  • The uniform, human-like writing style generated by a system like GPT-3 might raise suspicions. If an academic paper, for example, does not vary in tone, is lacking in personal style, or feels too “perfect”, it could trigger a manual review. In such cases, the paper might be checked with other online AI text generators.
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