How do i add a live site to wordpress development theme?


Adding a Live Site to WordPress Development Theme

Adapting a live site to a new WordPress development theme requires certain steps to ensure a smooth transition. Here’s a step-by-step process:

  • Install and Set Up Your New Theme in a Staging Environment: Always ensure you’re working in a staging environment – this is a clone of your live site where you can make changes without affecting the actual website.
  • Customize Your Theme: With WordPress, you can customize your theme to match your needs. Use the WordPress Customizer or the theme’s own options for adjustments.
  • Test the Theme: It’s critical to thoroughly test your new theme before going live to make sure it doesn’t break any part of your website.
  • Go Live: Once you’re sure everything works as expected, you can replace your live theme with the new one.

Extra Support when You Need It

If you find these steps daunting, don’t worry. Our WordPress Development Service at the Synapse Team is expertly skilled at handling such tasks. We ensure a seamless transition while optimizing the design and functionality of your website. Reach out to our team today!


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