Function that allows all files to be deleted from a plugin when deleted wordpress development?


Understanding WordPress Plugin File Deletion

When you delete a plugin in WordPress, it will typically remove all of its files. However, this can sometimes vary, depending on how the plugin is coded and whether the developer has included any particular clean-up scripts. Some plugins may leave behind data in the database, or the files may not be removed completely.

Ensuring Complete Removal of Plugin Files: Uninstall.php

To ensure complete deletion of all files, developers can create an uninstall script for their plugin using the ‘uninstall.php’ method. WordPress will run this script when the plugin is deleted through the WordPress admin panel. Within this file, you can define what should be deleted, such as options, tables, or other created resources. Here’s a sample code snippet to delete a custom option that your plugin may have created:“`php
if ( !defined( ‘WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN’ ) )
exit();delete_option( ‘my_custom_option’ );
Remember to replace ‘my_custom_option’ with your actual option name.

Full-Service WordPress Development with the Synapse Team

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