Beginner tutorial: how to use git for wordpress development ?


Beginner’s Guide: How to Use GIT for WordPress Development

Setting Up GIT

  1. Install Git: First, install Git on your computer. You can download it for different platforms from the official Git website.
  2. Initialize Git: Open your terminal or command prompt and navigate to your project directory. Then run git init to initialize your project with Git.
  3. Configure Git: To set your username and email for this repository, in the terminal run git config "Your Name" and git config "".

Using Git in WordPress Development

  1. Creating a new branch: To create a new branch for your feature or update, use the command git checkout -b branch-name.
  2. Adding changes: Run git add . to add all your changes in the current directory to the staging area. If you want to add just one file, use git add path-to-your-file.
  3. Making a commit: Use the command git commit -m "Your commit message" to commit your changes.
  4. Pushing changes: Push your changes to your Git repository by using git push origin branch-name.
  5. Merging changes: Once you’re done with your feature or update, you can merge it to the main branch using git merge branch-name.

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