Assemble the dedicated team: seven common traps to avoid when building an innovation team?


Seven Common Traps to Avoid When Building an Innovation Team

1. Lack of Defined Roles and Skillsets

One of the most common errors when assembling an innovation team is the lack of defined roles and necessary skill sets. If roles and skills are not clearly identified and matched with the right personnel, it can lead to confusion, inefficiency, and decreased productivity.

2. Neglecting Team Diversity

In innovation, diversity plays a vital role. Diverse teams bring together a variety of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. If you overlook the importance of diversity in your team, you might miss out on these advantages.

3. Inadequate Leadership

Without effective leadership, an innovation team may lack direction and motivation. Good leadership fosters creativity, encourages risk-taking and maintains team focus on shared goals.

4. Ignoring Cultural Fit

When assembling a team, consider not just the individual skills of your team members, but also how they will fit within your company’s culture. A team member who is not aligned with your company’s values can negatively impact team harmony and productivity.

5. Insufficient Resources

Regardless of how talented your innovation team is, they cannot succeed without the right resources. These include tools, technologies, finances and time. Lack of adequate resources can lead to frustration and project failure.

6. Lack of Clear Goals and Metrics

Setting clear, achievable goals and the means to measure the team’s progress towards those goals is vital to the success of your innovation team.

7. Unhealthy Workloads

While dedication and hard work are necessary for innovation, your team should also have sustainable workloads. This encourages long-term engagement and helps avoid burnout.Deploying a dedicated team can be a complex task and it can be easier to avoid these common pitfalls with the help of experts. In this regard, you may consider our Staff Augmentation service. At Synapse Team, we understand these problems and our experienced professionals are adept at assembling the right team for you. Not only do we provide skillful staff, but we also consider metrics, workload, resources and integrate the team seamlessly into your business culture.


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