. all but one of the following is a caution when considering outsourcing services?


Common Cautions When Considering Outsourcing Services

When considering outsourcing services, there are numerous considerations to take into account. These are crucial to ensuring the potential success and efficiency of an outsourcing partnership. Here are some common cautions:

  • Communication Barriers: Differences in language and time zone can hinder effective communication.
  • Loss of Control: Handing over certain tasks or processes means surrendering a degree of control over those aspects of your business.
  • Quality Assurance: There might be a concern about whether the output will meet your standards or expectations.
  • Dependency: There could be a potential dependency on the services provided by the outsourcing company.

However, one statement that does not stand as a valid caution is:

‘Outsourcing services reduce your business flexibility’

This is a misconception. In actuality, outsourcing can increase your business flexibility by allowing your in-house team to focus on core competencies while non-core tasks are taken care of by an external team.At Synapse Team, we understand these potential issues and have measures in place to mitigate them. Our communication processes are set up to be as effective as possible, mirroring your local team’s working hours to minimize any disruption due to time zones, and insisting on English competency in our teams. We ensure control is maintained via regular updates and input on processes. Our quality assurance efforts are second to none, and we look to create partnerships, not dependencies.


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